Uru The Trap — Psychological Thriller Tamil Movie (2017)

1 min readJun 17, 2023

Movies Every Aspiring Writer Should Watch

I watched the movie and learned 7 lessons from the movie.

Uru ( transl. Fear) is a 2017 Tamil-language psychological thriller slasher film written and directed by Vicky Anand and Produced by V.P. Viji.

Uru The Trap Movie, Every Aspiring Writer Should Watch.

7 Lessons From “Uru The Trap” Tamil Movie:-

1. Observe the surrounding and write on anything, but write.

2. Travel, find the silent place, and start writing.

3. While writing, manage family and mental health, do travel in your book writing world, but do come out after writing, and live real-world life.

4. Don’t write about something, which will harm family, friends, and loved ones.

5. Don’t build your Fictional (Imaginary) character in real life, it might be dangerous.

6. Deep dive, act like your fictional character and then you will feel and can write properly.

7. If you are writing a suspense crime thriller script, it is not important that you should act like a killer and kill people, do the crime, no, come back to real life, and enjoy.