Python Program: To Find Vowel Using For Loop in Python

2 min readSep 11, 2020


In this blog post, you are going to learn to write a function that takes a character and returns TRUE if it is a vowel, otherwise false.

Program To Find Vowel Using For Loop In Python Programming Language:

Source Code:

def find_vowel(s):


for i in s:

if i in l:

print(‘TRUE’ , i , ‘is a vowel’)


print(‘FALSE’, i , ‘is a vowel’)

print(“Enter the Statements : “)



Python Program Explanation:

In the above Python program first,

We have declared Function before that def keyword is used,

  • def is used to declare a function.
  • find_vowel is the name of the function.
  • (s) is a function parameter.
  • l={‘a’ , ‘e’ , ‘i’ , ‘o’ , ‘u’} it is a set of elements that stored in variable l.

After that, we have used For Loop in that,

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