Bollywood is making a remake of “The Intern” Movie.

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The Intern:

20 Lessons I Learned from the “#TheIntern” Movie.

1. Love and work. Work and Love.

2. Key to keep moving, get up, out of the house, and go somewhere. Anywhere.

3. every day do something like, cook food, try yoga, go for a walk, and learn new things daily.

4. Don’t be shy, apply for a job, record a video of yourself and tell about yourself and send mail to the organization for the job.

5. Dress well, in formal or casual dress in the office.

6. Background music of “The Intern” Movies is too good, and calm.

7. To do work on time and to be on time.

8. Ask for tips from your senior as well as from your junior.

9. Behave nicely with everyone, talk politely.

10. Respect other people’s time.

Deepika Padukone & Amitabh Bachchan’s The Intern Remake Is Going To Release.

11. Talk with yourself in the mirror, and prepare for better communication with others.

12. Read when you get free time at work.

13. Complete your office work and leave on time. Say goodbye to colleagues.

14. Complete your work and ask your manager, “Is any work to do, can I help you to do that”.

15. Never share others’ words with your colleagues, and don’t gossips, that break the relationship, I think (DDSRY).

Welcoming @amitabhbachchan to the Indian adaptation of #TheIntern. #Movie

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16. Give a surprise to your colleagues, keep flowers for them, write thank you a letter, and write a short letter on how they are important to your life and for your organization, and for hir/her family.

17. Shave every day, clean yourself, and dress well.

18. Help your seniors, colleagues, and manager, not to get something, by being natural and doing it, and if they give you something don’t accept it, say thank you. (DDSRY).

19. Accept your mistakes and apologies.

20. Don’t cheat anyone.